Holy Sweet Potato

Today was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it by “putting the garden to bed,” or the not-so-fun way to say it, cleaning up.  We ripped out all the dead tomato vines.  Note to self: do not use that plastic mesh again for supporting the tomatoes!  In  the clean up process we also found more sweet potatoes on some vines we thought had not produced anything.  Lucky surprise.  In between fighting off the chickens and digging the roots out of the ground, in about 30 mins I had another 10 pounds of sweet potatoes to clean and store for winter.  The birds gobbled up the remaining small sweet potato tubers.  It was quite funny watching the ducks and geese try to swallow the long skinny veining tubers, kinda like watching someone suck a very long piece of spaghetti into their mouth! Next adventure in the garden: Plant Garlic.