Planting Garlic

Happy is the garlic that is planted in the fall!

Today was garlic planting day.  There are many schools of thought on when the best time to plant garlic is.  Some people like to plant garlic in early to mid October, others the first of December.  Either way, garlic requires some planning ahead for a harvest in the early summer.  Instead of eating the garlic that grew last year in the garden, I decided to use it all for seed.  In addition to the seven bulbs I bought at the Small Farm Trade Show from Sandhill, I have about two lbs of my own garlic.

I first cleared out the beans that had been there, harvesting dried bean pods for seed.   Then I used our little tiller to destroy the weed growth from the season as well as loosen up the soil for planting.  If I had access to a broadfork I would have gone down the row with it to further break up the soil.  Oh, I almost forgot the most pleasant job. . . before I tilled I laid down some half composted chicken manure.  Garlic likes compost.  I then mulched the bed and planted the garlic into the mulch.  This mulch will keep the weeds down come spring.

Garlic is a very rewarding crop to grow, lets hope it thrives in its new home!

Tilled bed ready for garlic
Tilled bed ready for garlic
Garlic cloves planted into bed
Mulch was pushed away then the garlic cloves were planted into the bed

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