Let The Trenching Begin

Early last fall we had a new well dug, which will eventually be part of an extensive irrigation system for watering crops.  But its main purpose is to supply water to several stock tanks that will ensure our (soon to come) livestock have a consistent source of hydration.  Once the project is complete, the Soil and Water District (USDA) of Hickory County will offing help with the cost.  In return, we are promising to fence off the creek/stream that runs through the property giving 150 feet either side, protection from the livestock.  The program is a stream protection/water quality initiative funded through the US Farm Bill’s conservation allocation.  Conservation is a very small percentage (less than 10%) of the overall farm bill, but the program is set in place help farmers protect the natural resources on their property and help them install systems that would otherwise be out of their means.  These programs are much-needed and appreciated.

So what’s this talk of trenching?  Well, in order to get the water to the lower field we have to lay many, many feet of PVC pipe.  It is amazing how small the pipe is and how deep and wide the trench has to be!  We rented an excavator and got to work.  After four days and many headaches, which I won’t go into, we are well on our way to getting the trench finished, then the heard work of moving rocks at the base of the trench, laying pipe, and cover it begins.


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