Blueberry Pruning and More Indoor Planting

Blueberry pruning is a less daunting task than pruning fruit trees, but still just as important.  Unfortunately, many of the 40plus bushes were looking a bit worse for wear and more than a few were dead.  Now that we know the pH is way too high (6.4), we are anxious to start a pH lowering regiment that is in-line with organic standards.  Back to the pruning. . . It is important to control the balance of fruiting on the bushes and we do this by pruning.  We want 50% of the plants energy going into berry production and 50% into leaf production, so that it can feed the root system and create buds for the next year.  Oregon State has a great 22 min. video about how to prune, which you can watch free online (you can also purchase the DVD). Watching it helped us feel more confident when we went to prune the bushes, which I suppose could also be a bad thing!


Today we also managed to start some Peppers, another round of Broccoli, and some Flowers/herbs.  There will be more planting to come and we are almost out of space again and that is after we made the addition to the seedling area.  Guess we are going to have to get more creative in the future.  That or bite the bullet and get a greenhouse!


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