The Garlic Harvest

Organic Garlic
My Goodness, Our Garlic
Organic Garlic
My what big bulbs you have!


Harvested such beautiful Garlic today.  I want to keep it all, but also want to share it with the world.  We will bring some to market so that others can try it.  I do not have a name for the two varieties we grew this year, but they are an heirloom Italian hardneck that is oh so delicious and such big well formed bulbs.   Like heaven!

The plants will spend the next two weeks curing in our our building (with plenty of ventilation).  Then I will clean them up and get them ready for storage so I can use them for seed next year.  But I will save a third of them for market.


2 thoughts on “The Garlic Harvest

  1. jackie booker

    Ken and Katie — Thanks for coming north every week to bring us eggs and other goodies in Brookside. With your parking tip, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the market this year. Jackie

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