High Tunnel Raising

High Tunnel
Our 2880 Square foot Zimmerman high tunnel under construction

I think we picked the hottest day in September to raise our high tunnel! Who could have guessed it would reach well over 100F in September?  We really appreciate the help we had from friends in the effort.

The high tunnel, easily described as a season extension structure or unheated greenhouse, will greatly increase our capacity to

grow and our range of seasons in which we grow our produce.   It is estimated the high tunnel will extend your season at least three weeks on either side (spring/Fall) and you can push the limits with that by using row covers inside the tunnel during really cold periods.

Our tunnel is a Zimmerman purchased through Morgan County Seed Company and measures 30’ X 96’ with 8; side walls.  That is 2880 square feet of protected growing area that we will have to optimize our production.  The trick is getting it constructed, for that you need to call in reinforcements, and a friend with a batco (thanks Lonnie)!

After a few mishaps and misjudgments of the slope (which I swear felt pretty flat), and may pounds of concrete, we finally got the side wall posts in and were ready to put up the ribs, a job for a crew of more than two.

We still have a fair bit of work to do on the structure, but we are optimistic that it will get done.  Now only if it will cool down a little bit so we can work without having a heat stroke.

Our Zimmerman High Tunnel
The inside of our High Tunnel

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