So what do we do all winter?

Blogs are a funny thing.  When there is time for thoughtful sharing they are a great outlet, but when spare time is a precious commodity, they get very neglected.  This is what happened to us.  Market season is certainly all consuming and we just ran out of time and brain power.  So now here we are at the beginning of a new year and ready to start the season all over again.

Not that we haven’t been busy this winter.  We’ve been working on a few things like retro fitting our barn to be our new post-harvest handling area, cleaning up the high tunnel and preparing it for planting (which has already begun), making new shelters for the poultry, cleaning out the old seed area, working outdoor beds (as weather allows), planning for 2014, buying seeds, chopping firewood, doing taxes, working on our organic certification, and now taking care of 2 dozen new baby ducks and soon to be taking care of 3 dozen new heritage breed chicks.

Its also conference season.  We had the pleasure of attending the Great Plains Growers Conference in St. Joseph, Mo and we will be heading to Springfield next week for the Missouri Organic Association’s conference as well.

We are excited for 2014, as we have submitted our paperwork and will become certified organic this year.  This will open new market for us and help us increase sales.  Our new year’s resolution was to make more posts on the website.  Lets see how well we can follow that!  Happy new year!